What TV Channel is Kentucky Derby 2021 on? TV Schedule & Live Coverage

As we know, the pandemic is not relevant enough to cancel the Kentucky Derby 2021. Officials have come up with the new schedule and coverage. So, you have come to the right place to find out the Kentucky Derby 2021 TV Schedule and Coverage latest updates.

Kentucky Derby 2021 TV Coveage

What channel is the Kentucky Derby 2021?

The official channel which reserves the right to broadcast the entire event of the Kentucky Derby 2021 is NBC. The officials have confirmed that folks who have been subscribing to the services that include NBC in the package can just tune into the channel to watch the entire event of the Kentucky Derby 2021. NBC is attainable on the TV.

But it also allows the users who want to use their favorite browser to watch the event through the official site on NBCSports.com. If you cannot stay in your room for any reason, you won’t lose your option.

NBC Sports app is available for iOS and Android devices. You just need to download the app to your smartphone or tablet and proceed to watch the event on the day of the date.

Kentucky Derby 2021 TV Schedule

Kentucky Derby 2021 will take place for Saturday, May 1, 2021. You will be able to watch Kentucky Derby 2021 live from the Churchill Downs. So, stay tuned and make sure to turn your device on to watch the big event starting from 3 PM ET on NBC. It will also be available for online live streaming through NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports App.

In this case, Churchill plans to decorate it to resemble the Derby week. This race has been happening for 146 years. It seems like the officials won’t stop it from happening. So, be positive. We will see you on board on the 147th edition of the Kentucky Derby!

DateTimeEventTV Channel
Fri, April 3012-6PM ETOaks 147 Undercard – Live CoverageNBCSN
Sat, May 1st12-2:30pm ETDerby 147 – Live CoverageNBCSN
Sat, May 1st2:30-7:30pm ETDerby 147 – Live Coverage (Post Time: 6:57 pm ET)NBC

N.B: All times and dates are subject to change and All times are ET.

2021 Kentucky Derby TV Coverage from different Countries

The Kentucky Derby takes place in the US soil. Regardless the fact, the horse racing lovers from around the world has turned their eyes to this festivity. You might be living or traveling in other countries for any reason. Therefore, you will want to pick the right option so that you can catch up with every spectacular moment happening in this prestigious event.

It is now possible for all viewers around the world to streamline the occasions along with their fellow horse racing lovers. Without further ado, let’s see the options available for you.

United States

For viewers who are living or traveling in the US, consider tuning into NBC. NBC has reserved the broadcasting rights in most coverage areas in the US. On May 01, make sure to tune into the channel to watch the spectacular racing event live from Churchill Downs. NBC also offers the viewers to follow the event through live streaming option NBCSports.com and/or the mobile option through NBC Sports app. Don’t hesitate to contact your provider to find out if you can use NBC in your location.


If you are in Canada, you might have checked on the popular sports channels like TAN or else. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation that the respective channel would do the coverage. All in all, folks in Canada have no way to watch NBC as well because it does not exist in Canada. But you can work around with the VPN service. If you are subscribing to NBC but in Canada, use your trustworthy and reliable VPN service, and connect to the US server. Then VOILA, you can manage to unblock the restriction and tune into the NBC from your device.


France does not reserve the channel to broadcast Derby Day. If you are living or travelling in France, you will need to get a way to access NBC. The most sensible approach is by using the VPN service to unblock the restriction. Make sure you see the time difference as well so that you won’t miss to watch the event.

United Kingdom

Brits watching options remain no go. There is no single channel which is confirmed to broadcast the Kentucky Derby in the UK. We have confirmed that the Kentucky Derby 2021 won’t be airing in the UK. But you can grab your chance to tune into NBC with the help of the VPN service. Consider to pick live streaming options like Sling TV, Hulu, etc.


The NBC is not available in Spain. There is no significant option which you can use from Spanish soil to watch Kentucky derby through your favorite screen. However, you could use the VPN service to unlock the NBC in the country. If you already subscribe to live streaming options like Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, or else, then you have a green light.


Netherlands have not reserved option to broadcast the Kentucky Derby. The upcoming event is available through NBC channel. So the only way you can watch the upcoming Kentucky Derby edition is by using NBC in Netherlands, which is unlikely in a legal way. But in “backdoor” way, it is possible. Use the VPN service to unlock NBC options in the Netherlands.


Viewers in Japan have no option to watch the Kentucky Derby 2021 in a local way. The only way to get coverage is by tuning into NBC when the event happens. NBC Sports is not available in Japan because of the geo-restriction policy. Therefore, the most sensible way to overcome this problem is to connect to the VPN service, and unlock the service by using the US server.


Folks in Australia have no other way than tuning in the NBC, which is not available in the country. NBC is only available for viewers in the US. But before we say sorry, you can overcome the geo-restriction by using the VPN service. Subscribe to a trustworthy and reliable live streaming service and connect to the US server. You are good to go.


The Ireland viewers can watch the Kentucky Derby event on NBC. NBC is not available in Ireland, so folks won’t have any other option than unblocking the service with a trick. Use the VPN service and connect to the US server to unblock the NBC Sports live streaming service or mobile app.

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